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Cumbria Summit

The 2017 Cumbria Summit was designed to facilitate young people meeting with key decision makers in the County, to share their experiences of what it is like to be a child living in Cumbria.

A survey, gathering the views of children aged eight to 12 at the Summit, allowed them to share their views and experiences. Over 6,000 children responded.

This important insight from young people has been used in service design and planning across Cumbria, including informing a Heritage Lottery Fund bid for South Lakeland where children are designing and evaluating the bid activities.

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Collective Impact

One of the aims of Collective Impact was to build the capacity of practitioners to support the social and emotional wellbeing of young people. The Community Resilience Programme is a professional development programme for people working with 8-14 year olds and their families in North Belfast and Antrim. This programme was a key element of Northern Ireland’s Collective Impact work

The two main aims of the programme were:

  • building the capacity of practitioners to support young peoples’ resilience
  • facilitating collaboration between participating organisations.

In order to measure improvement in collaboration among participating organisations before and after the year-long programme, a survey and a level of collaboration scale was adapted from existing models and instruments4.

12 out of 26 participating organisations completed both questionnaires. These consisted of three primary schools, one post primary school and eight youth and community groups. Findings indicated that as a result of the Community Resilience Programme:

  • 80 per cent increased the sharing of knowledge and practice
  • 80 per cent felt there was increased willingness to work together to build resilience
  • 70 per cent felt better connected to each other
  • 60 per cent had regular opportunities to meet
  • 50 per cent were currently working collaboratively to build resilience.

An additional evaluation will also be carried out to measure the capacity-building element of the programme and the impact that it has had on practice.

Child criminal exploitation

In a survey of our front-line service managers representing over 370 services, almost 60 per cent of those who responded said that they had supported young people involved in criminal activity over the last year. Approximately 75 per cent of those said that they thought the young people may have been coerced, or manipulated into criminal activity, and around 60 per cent said that in their experience, criminal exploitation also involved sexual abuse.

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