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Safer Childhoods:
Child Sexual Abuse

Interconnected Vulnerabilities

In our Better Futures CSA provision in Wales, in 2017-18, 52 per cent of cases referred due to harmful sexual behaviour (HSB), latterly had child sexual exploitation (CSE) identified as a dual concern.

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Figure 5: Outcomes for our ‘CSE direct support services’, 2017-18
Bar Impact Report 2018 Website Graphs 2 01 Outcomes For Our Cse Direct Support Services 2017 18
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Figure 6: Outcomes for 'Better Futures', 2017-18
Bar Impact Report 2018 Website Graphs Better Futures Outcomes 01

Ryan’s story

I guess at the time I didn’t really understand what the problem was. Things like that had happened to me too and at the time I thought most kids knew about sex and that they were ok with what I was doing.


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Ayisha’s story

With the support of her TIGER worker, Amy was able to develop a safety plan with Ayisha. Ayisha has responded positively to her safety plan.
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